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Compulsory coverage

  • Accident Benefits coverage pays for your coverage even for the funerals caused by accident, and other healthcare expenses are also covered under this mandatory coverage.
  • Liability coverage is given when the other party gets injured because of your driving and you are legally held responsible for driving.


  • Comprehensive coverage is something which covers maximum hazards like vandalism, theft or lighting. This coverage is optional, but auto cover quotes will still recommend you to purchase this optional coverage so that you never face any problem in the future.
  • The Depreciation Waver helps you in your car value, as you drive your car a lot and as much you will drive your car the value of your goes down, but if you choose this coverage, the insurer will get your car value equivalent to a brand new car.
  • Perils are the unbeatable combination of comprehensive and collision. This coverage is for the people who want their repair charges to be paid anyhow perils coverage will give you the full span coverage.